Robert C. Mach Family,  BIMI Missionaries

Joanne Foltz, BBFI Missionary to Tanzania

Nathan & Tiffany Foltz, Missionaries to Tanzania

Jonathon & Michelle Archer, ABWE Missionaries to Toga

Joshua & Barbara Hedges, Baptist Mid-Missions Missionaries to Chad

Daniel & Sarah Jenkins, BIMI Missionaries to The Gambia

Mitch & Beth Calms, BBFI Missionaries to Kenya

Hannah Strayer, ABWE Media Specialist in Togo

Un-Named, Missionaries to North Africa



Norris & Linda Bailey, Missionaries to Viet Nam through Central Missionary Clearing House

Bill & Becky Petite, ABWE Missionaries to Japan

Ken Board, BBFI Missionary to Japan

Chris & Miranda Shirrell, BBFI Missionaries to Japan

Brian & Jezell Cain, BBFI Missionaries to Philippines

Brandon & Rachel Ivy, BBFI Missionaries to Philippines

Tim & Becky, Missionaries to Asia

Corey & Jessica Kershner, BBFI Missionaries to Taiwan

Adam & Ayla Cottrell, BBFI Missionaries to Thailand

Un-Named, BBFI Missionaries to Singapore


Paul & Rachel Weber, ABWE Missionaries



Bryan & Michelle Vercler, Biblical Ministries WorldWide Missionaries 

Central America

Dr. Bob & Sabina Dayton, BIMI Missionaries to Nicaragua

Josh & Erin Taylor, BBFI Missionaries to Honduras

Eric & Ashley Woodworth, BBFI Missionaries to Honduras

Dean & Brenda Hendrix, Gospel Fellowship MIssionaries to Puerto Rico



Tina Curby, ABWE Missionaries to Hungary

Mike & Debby Drust, Missionaries to Albania sent through Cleveland Baptist Church

David & Ruth Kimmel, Baptist-Mid Missionaries to Romania

Don & Beverly Sixt, GBC Missionaries to Scandanavia

Steve & Cheryl Winget, Missionaries with ABWE to Hungary

Dan & Beth Canavan, BIMI Missionaries to Ireland

Brennan & Libby Penner, BBFI Missionaries to Belgium 

Scott & Dominique Pethtel, BBFI Missionaries to Italy

Tim & Sandy Fink, Baptist-Mid Missionaries to Romania

Jonathan & Lorena Templeton, Baptist-Mid Missionaries to Spain

Markos & Mary Boussios, BEMA Missionaries to Greece



Ray & Leah Hansen, Sent through Rio Bravo Mission working with the Children's Home

Terry & Helen Vanderwerf, Serving with Avant Ministries

Debbie Mellberg, Missionary sent by North Village Baptist Church


New Zealand

Un-Named, Missionaries with Gospel Fellowship Association


South America

Stan & Ruth Templeton, Baptist Mid-Missions Missionaries serving in Lima, Peru

Esteban and Emily Alvarez, BBFI Missionaries to Uruguay

Walter & Peggy Silva, Missionaries to Uruguay serving through Central Missionary Clearing House

Alejandro & Melissa Bravo, Missionaries to Chile serving through Central Missionary Clearing House

Stephen & Charlotte Byrd, Missionary with the WBF (World Baptist Fellowship)

Richard & Anna Hurst, BIMI Missionaries

Juan Carlos & Susanna Sanchez, Missionary with BEMA (Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Association)


United States


Chuck & Colleen Ferguson, Lima Rescue Mission

Transport for Christ

Rick & Carol Hudson, Missions Mobilizer at Fellowship International Missions

Doug Combs, Bible Distribution

Mark & Donna Logan, BIMI Representative at Large - Foreign

Julianne Frankhouser, Guiding Light

Family Promise of Lima/Allen County

Erika Plescher, Local Missionary with Time to Revive 

Tim & Becky Yazel, Missionaries with SonSet Solutions

Barry & Denise Williams, BEMA Missionaries

Temple Christian School, Lima, Ohio

Doulos Partners Ministry

Open Doors USA