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Sick Guidelines


Child Should be fever free for 24 hours without medication.



Child Should be episode free for 24 hours.


Strep Throat

Child should have started antibiotics 24 hours before attending.


Nasal Drainage

Child should not attend until clear.


Sore Throat/Cough

Child should not attend with sore throat, croup or persistent coughing associated with respiratory infection.


Pink Eye

Attend only after 24 hours of antibiotics, no matting or drainage occurs, and the child is no longer rubbing the eye.


Chicken Pox

Child may not attend until all spots are scabbed over and the child is no longer scratching and touching the scabs.



Children with an unexplained or contagious rash should not attend.


**Parents will be contacted when symptoms are displayed after a child has been dropped off.

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