Let’s face it, School Supplies are something that not everyone in our community can really afford to purchase for their kids. It can be a very real and heavy burden on many families right here in our very community.

During the month of July we are launching “Project Supply: Backpacks.” This is a way for us as a church to reach out and bless the kids and families in our Lima community.


There are two ways you can get on-board with this ; Option (1) is purchasing a backpack and filling it with the supplies listed, imagine giving a kid an entire backpack full of everything they will need for school, the smile that you would see come across their face. What a blessing that would be.

Option (2) is donating any items on the supply list.

Our goal is to have 300 completely filled backpacks. That’s enough to supply an entire elementary school in Lima. Imagine supplying every kid from Unity Elementary School with a backpack and what they will need for school that year.